The Law of Attraction

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As a lawyer, I am trained in the law of man. I have studied the laws of our legal system, as well as the rights and obligations that arise from the applications of these laws. It is always helpful to have knowledge of the laws, their application and consequences. I am reminded that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

I am also a student and practitioner of spiritual laws. Here also, in this realm, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. It is equally helpful to understand the laws, how they are to apply and the consequences of their use and misuse.

In navigating the balance between spirit and science, I am delighted for the discoveries of quantum physics. In the era of quantum physics, the gap between spirituality and science has lessened – and the two continue to merge. Science now readily acknowledges principles that were previously the domain of religious & spiritual teachings.

Throughout time, spiritual teachings have always recognized an infinite source and substance that is universal to all life. It is believed that this source – called by different deity names, has always existed and will always continue to exist. Quantum physics, now also adopts the notion that there exists one “substance” behind all of creation.1

Both science and spiritual teachings also commonly recognize that everything in the physical world is energy and vibration. All that exists is energy – including ourselves. This universal energy has always existed, and despite its changing forms, it will always continue to exist.

Spiritual wisdom teachings have also instructed that “as we think, so do we become;” and that which we focus our attention upon, expands and grows.

In quantum physics, this truth has been verified, although this phenonomeum is described in a distinct scientific language. It has been found that – at its core – energy shows up as a wave – existing in a field of potentiality that surrounds and envelops us – until an observer directs his attention. Instantaneously, as a result of the observer’s attention, that which he observes transforms from a wave of energy into a particle of energy.

What a breakthrough for physics to report that the directed focus of an observer’s attention transforms a wave of potentiality into a discernable particle of substance. By mere focus of our thought, attention and mind, we partake in the process of creation.

It is against this backdrop that I now turn to a brief discussion on the spiritual Law of Attraction.

Every thought that I hold in consciousness has its own vibrational frequency. My thoughts attract other thoughts, and energy objects, that are vibrating at an energy vibration similar to my own. Over time, taking one thought and building on it by my focused attention and imagination, I attract and reflect back to me that upon which I focus. The Law of Attraction also applies to our feelings – for these propel and intensify our thoughts.

Many people create their experiences by default. They do not understand the relationship between their thoughts or feelings and their reality. Many do not yet understand that by focusing on what they do not want – either because their thinking is rooted in fear, worry, doubt, anger, or some negative emotion – they are creating for themselves a reality that reflects back to them that which they do not want. In other words, fear, worry, or a sense of scarcity and lack will attract an experience that reinforces the fear, worry or scarcity.

When I give my attention to something that I desire and when I consistently say “Yes” to it, I am including the desired outcome in my energy vibration. In contrast, when I look at something that I do not want and say “no” to it, I am also including it in my energy vibration. Therefore, if I focus my attention on that which I desire, I will attract to me that which I desire. Similarly, if I focus my thoughts on the absence or the opposite of what I desire, I will attract that to me also.

Simply stated, our external world is an “out picturing” of our internal thoughts and processes.

The powerful insight of the Abraham teachings (presented by Esther and Jerry Hicks) is in highlighting for us that our emotions serve as an internal GPS system that reveals to us what we are attracting in our life. Whenever we feel negative emotion, we are attracting something that we do not want. Whenever we are feeling good, this informs us that our thinking and feelings are focused upon that which we desire in our life.

We can learn to feel, with each thought that we offer, whether we are moving closer to, or further from, our desired outcomes. Once we understand your own Emotional Guidance System, we will not be confused about where we are in relationship to where we desire to be.

I have learned that there exists a pearl of wisdom in understanding that I do not have to
wait for the perfect condition, person or circumstance to show up in my life before I begin to feel good and sustain positive thoughts. Instead, I am able to train my thoughts and feelings to focus on the positive; and consequently, I will then attract and create greater positive experiences.

This is an illustration of the power of gratitude. The more I am grateful, the more more I will have experiences to be grateful for.

I invite you to learn to think and speak a different story. Focus your attention on thinking positive as well as feeling positive and uplifting emotions. Only then will you have a different life experience. Only then will you consciousness create the experience you desire.

Change your thoughts (and feelings) and change your life.


1. You may substitute the word “substance with “Ether,” “Oneness,” “Spirit,” or “God”.