This blog website is the outgrowth of frequent discussions among friends over a period of many years. My friends and I have discussed among ourselves, shared insights, advocated and disagreed, as well as extended each other’s comfort zones. The subjects were always diverse and varied – current events, our communities, systems, ourselves and that which we may generally refer to as our higher power (known by many different names). Despite any differences of worldview or perspectives, we always remain respectful of each other. In other words, we agreed to disagree.

The intention in publishing this website is to invigorate meaningful discussions and possibly help inspire new and empowering ways of thinking. I trust that in sharing my thoughts and reflections on this blog, I may help generate thoughtful discussion among the readers and visitors to this website. I may possibly help encourage us to look at things differently – or at least to look at issues relevant to our daily life – with a deeper or more reflective insight. And – if I am fortunate, our discussions may serve as a catalyst in the transformation of old paradigm thinking – and help introduce us to a new paradigm – a new way of understanding our conditions, methods and solutions.
In other words, this is my modest contribution to a new consciousness.

reflections on the person

Don’t Make Assumptions

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I – like many others – have been recently inspired by the transformative work of Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements. I have explored the first two agreements in my earlier posts. This post focuses on the third of the four Agreements: Don’t Make Assumptions Short, sweet and powerful. Certainly, we are all familiar with the common sense warning: “You know what happens when you assume?” In my total transparency, I dare admit that I have been making assu... read more

reflections on social affairs

The Reformist Pope

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THE REFORMIST POPE A recent social survey revealed that when asked their religious preference, nearly 1 in 4 Americans indicate “none.” Whether this represents a general decline of religion in America, or a movement away from institutionalized religion remains to be determined. What is clear is that there are nearly as many Americans who claim no religion, as there are Catholics in America (24 percent).1 By my own admission, I am not a Catholic. Yet, in this article I fo... read more

on matters of spirit

Calling the Peacemakers

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Religious Peace. Saying these two words together often receives the same response as when a person may say: “ I am working for peace in the Middle East.” Instantly, either a sneer of cynicism or a glazed look is likely to be the typical response. Why? One possible explanation for this response is that current events throughout the world suggest that religious animosities are at the heart of many violent ideological and armed conflicts. Clearly, it is an over sim... read more

being the change

The Law of Attraction

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As a lawyer, I am trained in the law of man. I have studied the laws of our legal system, as well as the rights and obligations that arise from the applications of these laws. It is always helpful to have knowledge of the laws, their application and consequences. I am reminded that ignorance of the law is no excuse. I am also a student and practitioner of spiritual laws. Here also, in this realm, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. It is equally helpful to understand the laws, how they... read more

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